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London Blockchain Conference is a three-day event featuring over 100 industry-leading speakers. Setting the stage for a transformative blockchain expo dedicated to enterprise and government and unfolding an agenda filled with insightful keynotes, engaging panel discussions and innovative product launches showcasing how blockchain technology solves real-world problems.

Recent News

London Blockchain Conference 2024 interviews TAAL: Blockchain's digital economy needs a strong backbone

TAAL is a blockchain infrastructure provider offering services and solutions to help organisations transition from Web2 to Web3. Our transaction processing capabilities form a solid foundation and backbone of the BSV blockchain and enables services and applications to run, validating transactions and putting them on the chain. We also offer on-ramp solutions to bring transactions to the BSV blockchain (Arc) and advanced query/read functionality to analyse transactions written to the chain (WhatsOnChain).

June 13, 2024

London Blockchain Conference 2024 interviews nChain: Transparent, secure & efficient Web3 for everyone

nChain is a global leader in blockchain technology, providing products, solutions and IP licensing. Combining a world-leading Web3 IP portfolio together with the knowledge, expertise, tools, and products, we enable a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3.

nChain builds and maintains the most inclusive, secure and scalable Web3 infrastructure that delivers efficient value exchange to foster an ecosystem that is truly pioneering and provides an accessible foundation for everyone to benefit from Web3 opportunities. nChain currently has almost 3,500 registered active and pending patents and contributes to the maintenance and development of the Bitcoin SV Node software, Teranode and more.

June 4, 2024

London Blockchain Conference 2024 interviews BSV Association: BSV Blockchain and its role in the Big Data digital economy

One of the ultimate goals of the BSV Association is to create a better world for all by using the BSV blockchain to make it more free, fair, profitable, sustainable, and trustworthy. BSV blockchain is the only protocol that enables a universal exchange of value by building a robust and sustainable record of truth for everyone and everything. Truth is the only way.

May 28, 2024

London Blockchain Conference 2024 interviews Block Dojo: On talking serious business with startup founders

Block Dojo is a global blockchain incubator that transforms emerging businesses into game changers. Block Dojo seeks the best early-stage tech start-ups and accelerate their development with extensive training through start-up obstacles and access to investment funding rounds via the 12-week Dojo programme.

In just a few years, Block Dojo has cemented its reputation as the group to know for anyone pitching a blockchain business project—it has built over 70 companies globally and helped over 350 founders. The global blockchain incubator has expanded well beyond its original London base, adding a new one in the Philippines and looking at further operations in India and other parts of the world

May 24, 2024

London Blockchain Conference 2024 interviews Ayre Ventures: Investors are starting to understand the benefits of utility blockchains

Ayre Ventures is the VC arm of Ayre Group, headed by entrepreneur and philanthropist Calvin Ayre. Ayre Ventures is one of the world’s largest blockchain-focused VCs, passionate about utility blockchain, how it is ‘positively disruptive’ and reshaping the world.

May 20, 2024

London Blockchain Conference Launches Disruptive Marketing Campaign: 'Crypto is Dead'

The London Blockchain Conference is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking campaign, 'Crypto is Dead'. The campaign signals a significant shift from the crypto gold-rush to real-world blockchain applications.


13 Mar, 2024

Taking the next step
in digital transformation

The relationship between emerging technology and talent is complicated, and leaders must think carefully about how they move forward, according to a panel of experts


5 March, 2024

The London Blockchain Conference 2024
Announces Exciting Line-up of Speakers

The London Blockchain Conference is thrilled to announce the new speakers, taking to the stage at this year's conference at Excel London, between 21 – 23 May. Following the success of last year's London Blockchain Conference, which attracted over 5,000 participants, both virtually and in person. This year, we are excited to continue the trend and hopefully be bigger and better. Key discussion themes will include paving the way for the UK to emerge as a Global Digital Asset Hub, IP Protection in the Creator's Economy, Blockchain for Development, the Future of AI & Blockchain, and many more.


29 Jan, 2024

The London  Blockchain Conference 2024
Announces Open Call for Content

The London Blockchain Conference is thrilled to announce the open call for content submissions for its highly anticipated 2024 expo. The Conference aims to provide a platform for disruptors, thought leaders, government representatives, enterprise leaders, media professionals, and academics to contribute compelling topics for the London Blockchain Conference 2024 agenda.


11 Oct, 2023

Calendars at the Ready London Blockchain Conference Gears Up for a Stellar 2024 Return

The London Blockchain Conference is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated return. Following the resounding success of the inaugural event in 2023, the Conference will reside at the ICC Auditorium at ExCel London from 21 - 23 May, 2024.


04 Oct, 2023

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