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Why You Should Convince Your Boss to Send You to London Blockchain 2024

 This article was originally published on LinkedIn on 28 March 2024.

As an emerging trailblazer, blockchain technology is actively reshaping businesses and redefining innovation, security, and commerce. Leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts convene at blockchain events to explore its latest developments and revolutionary potential.

Among these meetups, the London Blockchain Conference is a standout international event for valuable insights and connections in the industry. 

From 21 - 23 May 2024, the London Blockchain Conference will highlight how Web3, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming transactions and adding real commercial value. 

With this, you must convince your employer to send you to London Blockchain Conference 2024 since attendance is informative and crucial to growing your business.


Convince Your Boss to Send You to London Blockchain 2024

These reasons create a complete value offer that includes networking opportunities, professional growth, and affordable ticket prices.

1. Networking opportunities with like-minded peers

Cultivating strong connections in your industry through networking at the London Blockchain Conference facilitates collaboration. It keeps you informed about market changes and colleagues' strategies, offering valuable insights for career advancement.

A notable advantage of networking at a blockchain event is the opportunity to seek advice from seasoned colleagues, fostering mutual support through genuine discussions about shared challenges and opportunities. This reciprocity builds a robust foundation for receiving assistance when needed.

2. Early adoption of technologies

The London Blockchain Conference will feature demonstrations and discussions on cutting-edge technologies. Your presence allows you to explore potential solutions and identify technologies that could benefit your organization, positioning it as an early adopter.

Notable sessions during the event include discussions on Blockchain Applications in Fashion and Luxury, Institutional Blockchain Adoption, and The Importance of Micropayments in the Web3 Revolution.

3. Employee morale

When your employer supports your conference attendance, you and your colleagues increase your job satisfaction and morale, enhancing employee engagement and productivity. According to a recent study, highly engaged employees exhibit a significant decrease in absenteeism (81%) and a productivity boost (14%).

Organizational success requires high morale, fostering positive attitudes, improved collaboration, and innovative problem-solving. Attending the London Blockchain Conference will highlight your company's commitment to investing in employee success and genuine appreciation for personal and professional development.

4. Cost-effective learning

Conferences provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional training, offering quick access to knowledge, business insights, and networking opportunities.

The cost of attending blockchain meetups is mainly influenced by travel distance and the number of representatives from your firm. Despite travel costs, conferences are still more budget-friendly than in-house training or advanced courses.

What to Expect at London Blockchain 2024

Before the conference commences, it’s important for you to know what to expect at the London Blockchain Conference. The conference provides a dynamic overview with stages brimming with thought-provoking panels, captivating keynotes, and engaging roundtables.

Led by policymakers, start-up visionaries, and thought leaders, these sessions promise cutting-edge conversations and varied, insightful viewpoints, enhancing the conference experience. Speakers at the event include Stefania Barbaglio, founder of Cassiopeia; Electra Coutsoftides, CEO of Xworks Tech; and Sean Kiernan, CEO of Greengage.

The diverse range of formats guarantees an instructive and well-rounded agenda, catering to attendees' different learning styles and areas of interest.

The ROI of Attendance

Attending London Blockchain 2024 is an investment in the expansion, competitiveness, and innovation of the company while also offering an opportunity for personal growth. Convince your boss and make a compelling case for gaining permission to attend this major industry event.

If you need time away from work to attend the London Blockchain Conference, we’ve developed a customisable template you can use to convince your boss how beneficial your attendance will be for your professional growth. Edit as you see fit or download and attach into an email.

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